Blood of the Mind, Tears of the World

Dissecting the myth of the Pure One

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Millenia had passed, and it was as if Harry Potter had never existed. The entire wizarding world, free ever since the fall of the Dark Lord and his Black Lady, is now united under the worship of the Pure One and His Wise Consort. Some subversive elements, however, have started to question the disconcerting hold the Pure One religion has over the wizarding world.

Blood of the Mind, Tears of the World is one of the books that dare question the Book of Purity. It argued for the fallible humanity of the Pure One and His Wise Consort, Pureblood Wizard Draco Malfoy and Muggleborn Witch Hermione Granger.

Co-authored by "Fire" and "Flower," the book was immediately banned by the Temple of the Pure. Possession of the book guaranteed an indeterminate stay in Azkaban. Authority figures who are not vocal against the book risk excommunication from the Temple.

Not much is known about "Fire" and "Flower" except that they somehow have access to many primary documents from the Second Reign of the Dark Lord. Some theorized that "Flower" is a distant descendant of the Grangers. Historians debunked this idea since Hermione the Wise, like Draco the Pure, stayed "Untouched" for the rest of her life.


Blood of the Mind, Tears of the World: Dissecting the Myth of the Pure One
by lilian_cho and gelsey
Rating: PG-13 for mature themes
Genre: Genfic, Draco/Hermione but not really, Harry/Draco UST
Estimated length: no earthly clue as of now, but at least 10,000 words
Warning: Post-HBP, not DH-compliant. Margin notes.
Archive: please ask permission first
Spoilers: all Harry Potter books

In 2006, lilian_cho came up with this idea while staring at a Chinese god statue in a restaurant. The idea quickly consumed gelsey too. Since they're both super laid back, they haven't gotten around to opening this community to public.